Why I Loved Berlin! – Photo Gallery and My Top 5 Things to do

I visited the Fantastic City of Berlin in February and had the most Amazing Time!! I went with a group of Girl-Friends and stayed in the most Stylish and Chic Apartment. We went right in the middle of Winter, so it was Bloody FREEZING!!! I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I wore about 6 Layers of clothes each time I stepped out of the apartment door (FYI Thermal tops do jack all!)

My Top 5 sights that I would recommend that you go and see whilst there are –

1. The Berlin Wall

There are many parts of the Berlin wall still standing across the City and whilst there is a lot of interesting stories and history to read about, the part that I enjoyed the most was the East Side Wall Gallery. This is a 1.3km stretch of the wall that is covered in amazing and artistic grafitti, which was created by local artists.  I have to admit, this may have been my favourite bit of art of the wall –

2. Market in Mauer Park

Every Sunday Mauer Park hosts one of the biggest and busiest flea markets in Berlin, which sells everything from Vintage Clothing to Random Family Photo Albums (These were very strange and actually quite creepy!). There are hundreds of independant stalls and it is the ideal place to pick up unique souvenirs. I Found this print at one of the stalls and I love it!!

3. Try the German Food Favourite, The CurryWurst!

I was told by many people before tavelling to Berlin that I had to try the infamous Curry Wurst. And boy was I not dissapointed! Whats not to love? Sausage…….Good. Tomato and Curry Sauce……. Good. Chips…..Gooooood 🙂 It was delicious and at $3.95 an absolute bargain!!

4. Go Up the Fernsehturm –

The Fernsehturm, which is also known at the ‘Television Tower’, stands 368 Meters High above the City of Berlin. You can see as far as 42km from the very top on a very clear day. We went up as the sun was setting and the view was spectacular. It was a bit pricey to go up, but in my opinion very worth it. The only bad part was a few of the windows could have done with a clean, but with it being that high up i’m guessing theres not a very long list of people signing up to be the window cleaner!

5. The Berlin Dungeon –

No I know it may not be the most cultural of choices, but visiting the Berlin Dungeon was definetly a highlight of my trip. The Berlin Dungeons is a 70 minute journey into 800 years of Berlin’s darkest history. It is made up of live shows, great actors, scary storytelling, rides and special effects. My favourite film genre is Horror, but this still scared the crap out of me! Its not for the faint hearted, but well worth a trip.

I massively fell in Love with the city of Berlin on my trip there and can’t wait to go back there again sometime 🙂



7 thoughts on “Why I Loved Berlin! – Photo Gallery and My Top 5 Things to do

  1. For some reason Germany has never attracted me, but I’m always hearing rave reviews about Berlin being trendy! After reading your blog about the dungeons and flea market, these are the things my dreams are made of. Plus my friend and I are looking for a place to go end of September beginning October, so after reading this, Berlin has been bumped up a few on the list!

    1. I mean… if you’re into beer and festivals, that time frame coincides with Oktoberfest in Munich… 🙂 Plus we have lakes and mountains to explore just a short suburban train ride away. Berlin is great too, though! It’s definitely very different culturally from Munich, however.

  2. Loved this! I’ve never been to Berlin and am very keen to go! You’ve made it look so appealing and inviting that I may just be tempted to book my tickets now! 🙂

  3. great list! Glad you liked the Currywurst! It’s not the most “German” thing but it’s definitely a Berlin thing! It’s the second best late night bite, just behind the infamous Döner!

  4. I really want to visit the Berlin Wall someday. Your pictures of Berlin are awesome, really motivating me to put it on my travel list 🙂

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