Milk Chocolate and Crunchie Rocky Road Recipe!

My Milk Chocolate and Crunchie Rocky Road Recipe

Warning – This dessert is in no way Healthy, but it is oh so gooooooooood!!!

So I went to this cute little Cafe last week with my sister, and we had the most amazing slice of Caramac and Crunchie Rocky Road. It was Amazing and so Delicious!!! We have been (sadly) talking about it non-stop ever since, so today we decided to make our own version of a Rocky Road.

Sadly I could not find Caramac Bars anywhere, so we had to use Milk Chocolate instead. I think they actually tasted better than the one from the Cafe, so we were well chuffed and now happily languishing in Rocky Road Comas.

This recipe comes with a warning!! The calorie count is probably off the scales and you most definitely will end up eating the whole tray. But trust me, you won’t regret it! Welcome to Rocky Road Heaven!

So we made 2 batches, one with Milk Chocolate and another with Milky Bar. However the Milkybar batch did not set properly, so we ended up having to eat it all up with a spoon. Trust me it was a real Hardship 🙂 So I am just going to give you the recipe for the Milk Chocolate Version.

The ingredients that you will need are –

400g Cooking Milk Chocolate

A Bag of Mini Marshmallows

3 Crunchie Bars

A Box of Shortbread Fingers ( We used a pack and a half)

How to Make it –

  1. Get a bowl and break up the Crunchie and Shortbread into small bite-size pieces
  2. Add 3/4’s of the Mini Marshmallows to the Bowl.
  3. Break up the Cooking Milk Chocolate and melt the Chocolate. I did this using a glass bowl placed over a bowling saucepan of water.
  4. Then add the melted Chocolate to the Crunchie, Shortbread and Marshmallows.
  5. Mix until everything is covered in Yummy Yummy Chocolate.
  6. Then place the mixture into a Dish covered in Baking Paper or Tin-foil, to avoid the chocolate sticking to the dish.
  7. Artfully place the remaining 1/4 of the bag of Marshmallows on top of the mixture.
  8. Place the Dish into the Fridge for Approximately 1-2 Hours, until the mixture is hard and set throughout.
  9. Take the Mixture out of the Dish and remove the Foil/Paper.
  10. Lastly cut into 9 evenly sized Squares.

These Rocky Road Squares are so easy to make and are really Moreish. I hope you Enjoy!!!