Why it’s okay to be happily single in your Twenties!

As a happily single woman in her twenties myself, I have discovered that there are so many positive things about being single at this point in your life. Your twenties are the best time to branch out, experience new things and find out who you are!

Now you may be feeling sad about things you may be missing out on by not being in a relationship, such as –

  • Always having someone to go to the cinema with! If you can’t drag your significant other to see the latest Fifty Shades or Guardians of The Galaxy, then who can you take?
  • Having a go to date for Weddings and Parties
  • And you can finally delete your well used Tinder Account!!!

But please don’t feel sad!! Your twenties is the best time to be free and single! There are sooooo many positives to being single at this period of your life. Here are a couple of what I think are the best bits.

You can Focus on YOU!

Your Twenties is the best time to go travelling and experiencing new things with your friends, before you start to get tied down with relationships, jobs and commitments. You can spend time on working out what you like doing and who you are without the worry of being judged by your significant other or having to change yourself to make them happy. By being single you can find out who you are, so that when your finally find the right person you will be happy and confident in yourself and able to put your all into your relationship. After all, I really believe that you canโ€™t love someone else until you learn to love yourself.

Work on your Kick-Ass Career

With no ties or having someone to support, you can ROCK IT in the career department! Without having to worry about neglecting your significant other you can put all the hours into your work that you want. And by being in a great place in your career, you will also be in a great financial position when you get into a relationship which means you wont have to rely on them financially.

A Drama Free Life

No arguments! No Moaning! No Having to Please Someone Else! Okay now I’m starting to think I am a bit anti-relationship and too happy about being single ๐Ÿ™ But realistically most relationships don’t always run smoothly and at some point there’s gonna be a bit of drama. So why not save that for later on in life and enjoy the freedom of being single now!

You can choose whats on the TV

If you want to binge watch ‘How to Make a Murderer’ on Netflix untill 4am, you can! Or if you want to watch that really cheesy Rom-Com without being judged just go ahead. Without having a partner there with totally different viewing tastes to you, you can be free to watch all the TV you want undisturbed ๐Ÿ™‚


But seriously, I think allowing yourself the time to focus on yourself and exploring what makes you happy and confident can only help make you more prepared when he time comes that you find that special someone and are ready to start building a life together.

When the time comes that I meet my special someone, and I have faith that day will come sometime soon, I will be prepared to give my all to the relationship because I have spent my time as a fabulous single twenty-something woman exploring what makes me happy and living life to the full.